Congratulations to the first FCPs and FCTs in North America!

On 17 – 18 September in Grand Rapids, MI Ted and Andrew facilitated the first Flow Certified Professional (FCP) course in the US.

Congratulations to the following Professionals and future Trainers on a job well-done:

  • Dr. David Rico, FCP, FCT*

  • Mark Mochel, FCP, FCT*

  • Olwen Urquhart, FCP, FCT*

  • Jeff Kissinger, FCP, FCT*

  • Tim Gess, FCP, FCT*

* All five also completed a Provisional FCT and we’re looking forward to working with each and every one of you to help to build your Flow leadership careers.

Again, good job everyone!


For those that are not familiar with Flow, it is what’s next for businesses and organizations that are ready to succeed regardless of the methods, frameworks or management tools that they use throughout their enterprise.

Andrew Kallman, FCP, FCT and Ted Kallman, FCP, FCT are the co-authors of Flow and the Unified Vision Framework Their book, “The Nehemiah Effect” is a #1 National Best Seller on and was #1 again as recently as September 2015 (i.e. #1 in the following 4 sub-categories:  Decision-making, Business, Consulting and Project Management) for 5 of the last 15 months:
The Nehemiah Effect: Ancient Wisdom from the World’s First Agile Projects

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