Agile Governance CoP (Communities of Practice) – Nordics – Sold Out! (04 Oct 2014)

Update:  This event is sold out.
Waiting list tickets are available at the link below.
Thanks … and see you there!

Agile Governance CoP Idea

This concept is already proven and underway in West Michigan (co-sponsored by the PMI West Michigan chapter), USA, with over 50 PMOs and PPM leaders participating every month for the past year (2013 – 14).

Similar forums will be launched Q4 2014 / Q1 2015 in Stockholm, Sweden and Helsinki, Finland.

One of the key topic areas for the next 12 months (2014 – 15) is that Agile and Scrum are quickly getting to the point where scaling these to the Enterprise is a challenge for most Agile PMOs, Agile PPM and Agile Governance teams.

Why Agile Governance?

The challenges are similar for companies that are journeying down the Waterfall to Agile transformation path, or if it is a start-up that began as agile. Many PMOs and PPM programs are set-up in a traditional format and in many cases Agile Governance is completely absent. The number of PMOs that have been set-up in an Agile way, right from the start, are relatively few at the moment. So this forum addresses one of the hottest topics in Agile.

Other topics of interest and suggestions are welcome as well.  That’s one of the key value-adds of a self-organizing forum like this.

How the CoP works

The CoP is self-organizing and “self-funding.” We will follow the same pattern as the W. MI PMO CoP and here’s how it works:

  • Monthly networking meeting (lunch)
    • Except during July / Aug and Dec “vacation / holiday” months
    • Maximum of nine meetings per year (more likely five or six)
    • Find out what challenges other leaders for Agile PMOs / Agile PPM / Agile Governance teams are facing and how they overcome organizational obstacles
    • Discover best practice(s) – i.e. what works well and why did it work so well?
  • Each member company will have the opportunity to host the monthly meeting and has the following responsibilities / opportunities:
    • Provide the conference room
    • Provide lunch (first 30 – 45 minutes)
    • Take the participants on a tour (if possible) and/or give a short presentation (about 15 – 30 minutes) i.e. provide the Discussion Topic (either an Obstacle or Opportunity) for the meeting
    • Open Space / Discussion about the day’s topic (last 45 – 60 minutes of the meeting)

PDUs (Professional Development Units for PMI Members = 1.5 PDUs (Professional Development Units) per meeting.

Who Should Attend?

Directors of Business Management / Development
Directors of New Product Development
Portfolio Managers and Directors
Change Management Professionals
Release Managers
Release Train Managers
PPM Managers and Directors
Program Managers and Directors
PMO Managers and Directors

When and where will the first meeting for the Swedish CoP be held?

The kick-off for the Swedish CoP will be held on Thursday, 11 December 2014 from 11:30 am to 1:30 PM at (please register in Eventbrite due to limited space for this event – 27 places, total, including 4 internal participants – as 10 Dec 2014 this event is sold out!):
Knowit Group
Klarabergsgatan 60
111 21 Stockholm, Sweden
Light lunch included.
For more information or questions please contact (via email) Andrew Kallman, Partner, Knowit Group.
See you there!

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