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Here are some useful links to White Papers on Scaling Agile that I have co-authored with Ted along with one from Stephen Bungay in the UK.  Ok, so I’m a little biased, but check them out anyways.

The Three Journeys to a Truly Agile Culture walks you through the three journeys of Investing in People, Professionalism and achieving a Truly Agile Culture.  Easy to understand, but very difficult to do:

Creating a Unified Vision boils down to ”walking the talk” and not merely ”talking the talk.”  Vision and Definitions are the starting point for being able to Scale Agile.  If these are not managed well, then chaos can ensue.  Vision Enables and Drives an Agile Culture that can scale to any size:

Agile PMO / PPM looks at how to structure and govern the organization to enable agile and satisfy all stakeholders. The primary role of any PMO or PPM should be establishing the Vision and Culture for Portfolio, Program, Project, Team, People and Task management.  An Agile PMOs will invest a lot of time in taking legacy templates away and simplifying everything it does in order to enable a truly Agile organization:

By the way, an excellent article on Vision that captures the essence of the VSPT model was published back in December 2010 by Stephen Bungay from the UK (shared with permission from the author):

For those interested in understanding how to use the Unified Vision Framework to Scale Agile and turbo-charge your organization, then here is a link to our Scrum Training materials Using the UVF:

All of these materials are ”open source creative commons license” and shared with permission here.  We just request that you cite the source when/if using them.


Andrew Kallman and Ted Kallman are the co-authors of the Unified Vision Framework and the #1 National Best Seller on (in as many as 3 categories:  Business, Consulting and Project Management) for 4 of the last 10 months:

The Nehemiah Effect: Ancient Wisdom from the World’s First Agile Projects